Discover raw, dark, organic chocolate that is every bit as good as it tastes

You may find it hard to believe that chocolates as decadently delicious as these could be healthy too!

It’s what we put in, and don’t put in, that makes Nohmad’s raw, organic chocolates both health-giving and cave-in-to-temptation-inducing.

To create that rich, rewarding and ridiculously delicious experience, we go old school: we use methods perfected over the centuries by artisan chocolate makers and chocolatiers to persuade the cacao beans to impart their nutrients as well as their full-blown taste: aging, stone grinding and conching (agitating and aerating).

Tempering the liquid chocolate before carefully hand-pouring it into molds gives our bars that brittle “snap” and shiny finish. 

So we put in a lot of love and effort

These non-destructive procedures not only maximize the flavor, they keep the nutrients intact, so our chocolates are actually incredibly healthy.

And we leave out a lot of no-no’s

Our chocolates contain no dairy, no soy, no refined sugar and no artificial preservatives, flavorants or colorants. Nohmad chocolates are pure, raw, dark, organic, paleo-friendly and vegan-friendly. And definitely non-GMO.

Raw is the real deal

Too much processing (like roasting the beans and alkalizing) and your chocolate could end up with less character and fewer nutrients. By using raw (unroasted) beans, the true essence of chocolate shines through in the end product.

Some chocolate makers roast their beans to get rid of strong, astringent flavors, before aging the cacao. We don’t need to resort to such harsh processing. Instead, we start with beans that taste great naturally, without roasting. And, to mellow out some of the sharper flavors, we patiently and gently age the cacao in blocks for three weeks.

Industrial thinking says: “More processing = more predictable and reproducible taste, even if less healthy.”

In our artisanal way, we say: “Less processing = better, more characterful taste, and healthier chocolate!”

It’s a simple matter of balance. By not exposing the cacao beans to intense roasting temperatures, they retain more of the beneficial compounds of dark chocolate. (Download the impressive results of our chocolate nutrition lab test here.

No cane sugar

Most chocolate bars are sweetened with cane sugar. Why? It’s a neutral tasting sugar and it’s cheap. We use organic maple sugar. It’s not cheap, but it’s unrefined, full of minerals and loaded with antioxidants. And it’s low glycemic. Maple sugar also has a pleasant, almost caramel-like flavor that complements our chocolate perfectly.